The Reasons Why Mosquitoes Are Attracted To You

Here are a few things that attract mosquitos...
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Watch: Brewery Wants You As "Chief Hiking Officer"

A brewery is paying $20,000 for someone to become their "Chief Hiking Officer".
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Social Media Posts That Can Cost You A Job

The social media posts that can cost you a job include...
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Taylor Swift

Listen: "Look What You Made Me Do" Cover

A mysterious COVER to Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" may be one way that Taylor Swift is getting back at Scooter Braun.
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The Traits That Make You Good At Flirting

Scientists have identified the major traits that make you good at FLIRTING.
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Thank You Workers

Look: Mattel's "Thank You Heroes" Action Figures

Mattel has a new line of action figures based on frontline workers.
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Expiration Date

Foods That You Can Still Eat After The Expiration Date

A list of foods that you CAN still eat after their expiration date includes...
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Jen & Finn

Are We Listening To Our Quietest Kids?

Just because you child isn't talking about Coronavirus doesn't mean they aren't thinking about it.
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Which Celebrities Would You Choose To Be Quarantined With? took 30 celebrities, split them into six "houses", and asked people to pick their quarantine house.
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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Traditions That Still Can Be Done At Home

Easter traditions that STILL can be done at home include...
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