Interesting Facts About This Year's Oscars

The BBC put out a list of some interesting facts about this year's Oscars, and here are FIVE highlights: 1. This is the THIRD time that Amy Adams and Christian Bale have starred in a movie together AND both received Oscar nominations for it. They both were nominated for: "The Fighter", "American...
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The Most Embarrassing Past Roles Of This Year's Oscar Nominees

All actors, even Oscar-caliber ones, have chosen some TERRIBLE roles in the past, or have taken some questionable opportunities to jump-start their careers. The "Daily Beast" has a rundown of the most embarrassing past roles done by THIS YEAR's Oscar nominees... 1. Lady Gaga. She's relatively new...
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Why You Should Start Your New Year's Resolution On March 4th

Since the end of the year is always crazy with the holidays, we should really take the first two months of the New Year to plan out exactly how we're going to accomplish our goals. And for 2019, the first Monday after those eight weeks are up is March 4th. So what should we focus on between now and...
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