Watch: Wrongly Incarcerated Singer Archie Williams Delivers Unforgettable Song On "America's Got Talent"

"America's Got Talent" returned for its new season last night, and we already have an early sentimental favorite.
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Graduation Song

The Best Graduation Songs

"Rolling Stone" has a list of the best GRADUATION songs from the past 25 years.
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Backstreet Boys

Look: The Backstreet Boys Celebrate 27 Years Together

The Backstreet Boys formed 27 years ago.
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The Best Disney Songs Of The 21st Century

A list of the BEST Disney songs of the 21st century includes...
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Jay Leno

Pop Culture Events From Ten Years Ago

BuzzFeed complied a list of things that were in the news 10 years ago this month.
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Things That Weren't Acceptable At Work Ten Years Ago

91% of senior managers in a recent survey agreed that most companies have loosened their rules in the workplace over the last decade. Here are the top five things that weren't acceptable 10 years ago, but are now... 1. Visible tattoos. 35% agreed they used to be unacceptable, but aren't anymore. 2...
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The Best Horror Movies Of The Past 20 Years

Best Horror Movies of the Past 20 Years "Forbes" has put out a list of the 50 best horror movies of the 2000s, and the only main guideline was that they had to be live-action movies that got true theatrical releases. Here's their Top 10: 1. "Hereditary" 2. "The Witch" 3. "Sinister" 4. "The Wailing...
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Watch: 12 Years Of Hiccups

A woman in England named Lisa Graves has had the hiccups for 12 years. They started when she was pregnant with her first child, but they never went away. She says it can be 20 or 30 hiccups throughout the day, but sometimes it's nonstop. And they have a weird sound, kind of like a dog that squeals...
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Watch: 30 Years Of "The Simpsons'" "Treehouse Of Horrors"

Check out 30 years of the "Simpsons'" "Treehouse of Horrors" in 60 seconds. ------ (And no, those aren’t three kisses) — FOX (@FOXTV) October 20, 2019
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Courtney's Canien Clips: Lost Dog Found After 12 Years

A woman in Florida lost her dog in 2007, and never thought she'd see it again. But she kept paying the $15 yearly fee to keep its microchip activated. And someone finally found the dog 1,000 miles away in Pittsburgh last week, 12 years after it went missing. Click Here to see more.
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