Sean Doolittle

Look: Pitcher Sean Doolittle's Reasons For Not Wanting Sports To Re-Open Yet

Washington Nationals pitcher SEAN DOOLITTLE posted a long list of concerns on Twitter about baseball re-opening too soon.
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Robert Pattinson

Look: Robert Pattinson's "Handheld Pasta"

Robert Pattinson's HANDHELD PASTA innovation sounds...
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cutting chicken

Watch: Two Simple Food Hacks

Two FOOD HACKS from TikTok have been going viral this week.
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bikini face mask

Look: The "Trikini"

An Italian fashion designer has created a MATCHING bikini and face mask for the summer.
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stress reduction

The Ways People Are Reducing Their Stress Right Now

The most common ways that people are coping with STRESS right now are...
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computer singing 2

Watch: "You'll Never Walk Alone" Virtual Choir

A virutal choir, made up from vocalists and instrumentalists from over 15 countries, has gone VIRAL for singing "You'll Never Walk Alone".
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cleaning wallet

Things You Might Be Forgetting To Disinfect

Some things that you might be FOREGETTING TO DISINFECT include...
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Bill Murray

Watch: Bill Murray And Guy Fieri Will Compete In Virtual Nacho-Making Contest

Bill Murray, Guy Fieri, and their sons will compete in a virtual nacho-making contest Friday night on Food Network's Facebook page.
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Hilary Duff

Watch: "Lizzie McGuire" Virtual Reunion

The cast of Disney's "Lizzie McGuire" recently reunited via a virtual chat.
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Budweiser Brewery

Look: Anheuser-Busch's Social Club Seltzers

Anheuser-Busch just launched yet another hard seltzer.
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