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This Man-Mosa is this week's Dirt Cheap Drink of the Month.

Courtney's Dirt Cheap Drink of the Month: Man-Mosa

Video of Dirt Cheap Drink Of The Month August 2019
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The Germiest Spots In Airports And On Planes

Everyone worries about getting sick from that stale, recirculated air on planes. But what you really have to worry about is the stuff you touch. A new study looked at how many bacteria and fungal cells there were on different surfaces. Here are the top three things to worry about on the plane.. 1...
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USA Today's Super Bowl Ad Meter 2018

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial yesterday? Well, USA Today has ALL of them RANKED. Click Here to see what ads were America's favorites.
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George Clooney & Amal

Viral Video: The Moment George Clooney Met Amal

George Clooney’s agent actually predicted George would marry Amal Alamuddin BEFORE George even met her! Before George Clooney even met his wife Amal, his agent met her. And he predicted that she and George would get married. The first time they met, George says they stayed up all night talking...
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When You Should Take Down You Christmas Lights

Doesn't it seem like you just got your Christmas lights up. So, let's talk about you taking them down.
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Jen Myers

Jen's Favorite Things

As the song goes, these are a few of of my favorite things!
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Kevin "The Intern" as Santa Claus

Kevin the Intern's Favorite Things

Move over Oprah, Kevin the Intern has a list of his favorite things too.
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Photo: Mark Wahlberg's Christmas Card

Check out a SHIRTLESS Mark Wahlberg on his family Christmas card.
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The Most Popular Christmas Movie In Every State

See what the MOST popular Christmas movie is in every state.
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Viral Video: Donald Trump Robot Joins Disney World's Hall Of Presidents Attraction

See President Trump as a ROBOT at Disney World’s Hall of Presidents attraction.
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