The Worst Cities For Mosquitoes

According to Terminix, the worst cities for mosquitos over the last year were Dallas, New York, D.C., Houston, and L.A. St. Louis wasn't in the Top 25. Click Here to see more.
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The States With The Best And Worst Drivers

A new study just ranked all 50 states from the best to worst drivers. The rankings are based on four factors: The percentage of uninsured drivers . . . DUIs per capita . . . fatal accidents per capita . . . and Google searches for things like "speeding ticket" or "traffic ticket." The 10 states...
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The Worst Netflix Original Movies Of The Year

Here are the Netflix original movies that you may want to avoid so far this year... “How It Ends” “Father of the Year” “The Cloverfield Paradox” “Game Over, Man!” "Brain on Fire" Click Here to see more.
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Fictional Couples With The Worst Chemistry

Mashable.com put together a list of "The 10 Worst Fictional Couples With No Chemsitry". Here they are: 1. Bella and Edward from "Twilight" 1a: Anastasia and Christian from "Fifty Shades of Grey", which they linked to "Twilight" because they were both inspired by "romance" fiction. 2. Ginny and...
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The Worst Albums Of All Time

the Worst Albums of All Time is Topped by . . . Your Man Kevin Federline!!! You'd expect a list with a title like "The 41 Worst Albums of All Time" to be pretty subjective. But this particular list was compiled using Metacritic.com, so there are actual numbers to back it up. Here's the Top 10... 1...
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Rob Reiner's Movie Ranked From Best To Worst

Vulture.com ranked all 20 of director Rob Reiner's movies from BEST to WORST. His WORST being 1994's "North". His BEST is 1987's "The Princess Bride". Here's the Top 10... 10. "LBJ" (2017) 9. "The Bucket List" (2007) 8. "Stand by Me" (1986) 7. "The Sure Thing" (1985) 6. "Misery" (1990) 5. "The...
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The Cities With The Worst Drivers

There's an annual study that takes the 75 biggest cities in America, and ranks them according to how BAD the average driver is. They look at things like how many accidents, speeding tickets, and DUIs people had over the last year. Plus stuff like how many people got pulled over for texting-and-...
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The Best And Worst States For Outdoor Drinking

Editors of the drinks website Supercall.com ranked all 50 states according to how FUN the outdoor drinking scene is. They factored in everything from temperature, humidity, and air quality to natural beauty, outdoor bars, and how many mosquitoes there are. Their top 10 states for outdoor drinking...
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LOS ANGELES - JUNE 24: Jamie Foxx hosts the 2018 BET Awards / Tyra Banks appears / Ne-Yo / Saweetie, Diamonte Harper.

BET Awards: The Night's Best and Worst Dressed

With the star-studded attendance at this year's stunning BET Awards, you know we had to break it down for y'all.
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