road trip food

The Worst Foods To Eat On A Road Trip

Some of the WORST foods that you can eat on a road trip include...
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Will Smith

The Best And The Worst Movies Released Over The Fourth Of July Weekend

Here are the movies released over the Fourth of July weekend RANKED.
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The Worst Haircuts

Someone ranked the worst haircuts you can get.
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Darth Vader

Look: The Worst Dads In Film And TV

A list of BAD dads from film and TV includes...
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Peeps Flavors Ranked From Best To Worst

The website Thrillist.com just ranked all of the current Peeps flavors from best to worst.
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dipping sauce

The Best And Worst Fast Food Dipping Sauces

These are the BEST and WORST fast food dipping sauces according to a food critic.
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The Worst Smell In The World

Find out the WORST smell in the world.
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Ad-Meter's Best-Rated And Worst-Rated Super Bowl Commercials

Here are the BEST and WORST commercials from Sunday's Super Bowl according to Ad-Meter.
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The Cities With The Worst Commutes

Do these cities really have the WORST commutes in the country?
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The Worst And Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows

"Rolling Stone" has a list of the WORST and BEST Super Bowl Halftime Shows. Here are the five WORST: 1. The Black Eyed Peas, 2011. It also featured Usher and Slash. 2. "Everything From 1967-1989", which was before the show was turned into an event. "Rolling Stone" describes it as "a low-budget blur...
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