June 25 Is Take Your Cat To Work Day

Take Your Cat to Work Day is Monday, June 25 and to keep the day from ending in drama like a reality TV show, remember these real tips from the Humane Society of Missouri: *19 Cats and Counting: The first and most important step to making the day purrfect is to check with your employer and...
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Work Place

Four Workplace Etiquette Tips That Can Help Get You Promoted

In a recent survey, 65% of managers said being courteous and respectful at work can greatly improve your chances of getting a promotion. These four etiquette mistakes can cost you: Being distracted in meetings. Things like checking your phone don't go unnoticed. So try to stay focused, and give...
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Work Nightmares

Here are several of the most-common work nightmares, and how many of us have had them. 1. Sleeping with a coworker, 60%. 2. Being late, 47%. 3. Screwing up a project, 34%. 4. Getting fired, 21%. 5. Being naked at work, 19%. 6. Fighting with your boss, 17%. 7. Getting lost in the office, 9%. Click...
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Complaining At Work

According to a new study, when people sit around and complain about work together, it's actually GOOD for their mental health. And oddly enough, it actually makes you more productive. Yes, talking about why you hate your job makes you better at it. The researchers think it's because it helps you to...
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Ways Being Too Nice At Work Can Backfire

Can being too nice at work BACKFIRE? Here are six ways it can happen... 1. People can take advantage of you. Some people confuse niceness for weakness. And if they think you won't stand up for yourself, they'll try to manipulate you. 2. They might question your motives. Are you REALLY that nice? Or...
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Viral Video: Ellen Celebrates Chris Hemsworth's Body Of Work

Ellen celebrated Chris Hemsworth's BODY of work with a shirtless montage. Video of Ellen Celebrates Chris Hemsworth's Body of Work
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Viral Video: Anthony Hopkins' "All Work And No Play"

Whatever you think is the most frightening thing Anthony Hopkins has ever done pales in comparison to this... This is what happens when you’re all work and no play... — Anthony Hopkins (@AnthonyHopkins) April 22, 2018
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Losing Your Temper At Work

Have you ever LOST IT on someone at work? According to a new survey, more than HALF of us have... 52% of people say they've lost their temper at work before. And the person we're most likely to yell at is a coworker who's NOT our boss. 65% of people who've lost their temper at work said they...
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The Dumbest Excuses People Have Used For Being Late To Work

According to Career Builder's annual late-to-work survey, 25% of us are late at least once a month . . . and 12% said they're late at least once a week. 37% of people between 18 and 44 are late at least once a month, compared to just 14% of people over 45. The most common excuses we use are, "I got...
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Job Interview

Ten Things That Hurt Your Chances When You're Applying for a Job

A new survey asked a bunch of hiring managers for the top things that negatively impact your chances of landing a job. I honestly feel like everything on this list is a no-brainer, but I guess not if the list was created in the first place. Here are the top ten things that can hurt you: *Showing up...
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