Working Mom

Women Are Working Longer Hours And Doing More Housework

A new study found that women are working themselves like crazy while men are not. The study found women who have full time jobs worked an average of seven hours and 20 minutes a day last year, that's the longest they've worked since the study started in 2003. Men worked seven hours and 54 minutes,...
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The One Day Work Week

A new study found that working only one day a week is good for your mental health. The researchers found that if you work any more than that, you're not getting the mental benefits from a job, like feeling productive. Click Here to see more.
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The Most Ridiculous Things People Have Tried To Expense At Work

A new survey asked chief financial officers to name the most RIDICULOUS things they'd seen people submit on expense reports... 1. 300 tacos. 2. A cow. 3. A crib. 4. A chandelier. 5. 59 cents for parking. 6. A pogo stick. 7. Gambling losses. 8. A chicken statue with a top hat. 9. A Lamborghini. 10...
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Signs You Are Stressed At Work

Here are a few signs that you are STRESSED at work... 1. You rarely take a break. If you struggle to fit the necessary things in, or you're eating lunch at your desk every day, your stress level is probably high. 2. You always need a drink after work. Happy hour should be about relaxing and...
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Sick Dog

A Quarter Of Pet Owners Have Lied To Their Boss About A Sick Pet

When you call in sick or show up late too many times, you can't keep using the same excuse. A new survey found just under a quarter of pet owners have lied to their boss about a sick pet before. Sometimes it's to get out of work and sometimes there really is something wrong, but we worry our boss...
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Bob Ross' Work On Display In Museum

Bob Ross and his happy trees are finally getting some serious recognition. For the first time ever, his work is being displayed in a museum. Four of his paintings are part of an exhibit of New Age art in Chicago. Click Here to see more.
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Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer Returns To Comedy Club Stage 2 Weeks After Giving Birth

Amy Schumer went back to work last night, just two weeks after welcoming son Gene Attell with husband Chris Fischer. "Pic from tonight," the 37-year-old comedian captioned a snap of her onstage at New York's famous Comedy Cellar. "I'm back!" Pic from tonight by @hewasfunny I’m back! A post shared...
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Look: Blond Wig Doesn't Fool Police

A fugitive in Florida tried to escape when the cops closed in on him on Thursday by putting on a terrible blond wig and biking away. But they recognized him immediately and arrested him. ( via Facebook) Click Here to see more.
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Look: Teacher Calls Student's Work "Pathetic"

A teacher in Pennsylvania wrote that a second grader's test was, quote, "pathetic", and now parents are calling for the teacher to be fired.
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Foods People Love To Steal At Work

A new survey found 41% of us have had food stolen by a co-worker before. And 60% of those people said they've had to confront a colleague about it. If you bring chips into the office, you're asking for trouble. Apparently they're the most common type of food co-workers like to steal. The top ten...
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