Dressing Professionally At Work

According to a new survey, 26% of people work somewhere that's business casual, 33% work somewhere that's just casual, and 20% work at some place with zero dress code. BUT is it still possible to dress TOO casually in those places? The survey asked people what's still off-limits, and here are the...
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Lying About WiFi To Get Out Of Work

49% of people say they've lied about spotty WiFi coverage on a vacation to get out of having to check in with their boss and do work, according to a new survey. Click Here to see more.
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Burned Out At Work

According to a new survey, 91% of employees say they're at least a little BURNED OUT at their job right now. And their bosses know it... 96% of bosses say their employees are showing signs that they're burned out. On a scale of 1 to 10, the average person ranks their burnout at 5.6, but 28% are...
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Crying At Work

According to a new survey by, eight out of 10 people admit they've CRIED at work. And 14% cry at least once a week which includes 5% of people who cry DAILY. So what's making us cry? 1. Our boss or coworkers. 2. Personal issues. 3. Feeling overwhelmed by our workload. 4. Bullying. 5. A...
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How Much Caffeine We Need Every Day

According to a new survey, workers put down an average of 2.5 caffeinated drinks every single day. That adds up to around 12 or 13 cups of coffee, energy drinks, teas, or sodas per work week. And maybe it's because we're not sleeping great. The average employee only sleeps 6.4 hours a night. And we...
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Monday Is The Most Productive Day Of The Week

According to a new survey, workers say they're the most productive on Mondays and productivity goes down just a little bit every day after that. 29% of people feel most productive on Mondays, 27% peak on Tuesdays, 20% on Wednesdays, 13% on Thursdays, and only 11% on Fridays. The survey also found...
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Working Mom

Women Are Working Longer Hours And Doing More Housework

A new study found that women are working themselves like crazy while men are not. The study found women who have full time jobs worked an average of seven hours and 20 minutes a day last year, that's the longest they've worked since the study started in 2003. Men worked seven hours and 54 minutes,...
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The One Day Work Week

A new study found that working only one day a week is good for your mental health. The researchers found that if you work any more than that, you're not getting the mental benefits from a job, like feeling productive. Click Here to see more.
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The Most Ridiculous Things People Have Tried To Expense At Work

A new survey asked chief financial officers to name the most RIDICULOUS things they'd seen people submit on expense reports... 1. 300 tacos. 2. A cow. 3. A crib. 4. A chandelier. 5. 59 cents for parking. 6. A pogo stick. 7. Gambling losses. 8. A chicken statue with a top hat. 9. A Lamborghini. 10...
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Signs You Are Stressed At Work

Here are a few signs that you are STRESSED at work... 1. You rarely take a break. If you struggle to fit the necessary things in, or you're eating lunch at your desk every day, your stress level is probably high. 2. You always need a drink after work. Happy hour should be about relaxing and...
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