Look: Words That Should Be Banned From Sports

Someone on Twitter recently asked what overused word or phrase they'd BAN from sports and sports coverage if they could, and the topic went viral. Here are 10 of the most popular responses, based on the number of 'likes.' 1. Adversity 2. Barstool, which is apparently a reference to the website...
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Watch: Oprah And Gayle King Guess Slang Words

Watch Oprah and Gayle King try to figure out what some of today's slang terms mean. Video of Oprah and Gayle Guess Slang Words | OG Chronicles | Oprah Mag
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The Top Slang Terms For Something Positive

A new survey asked people to name the top slang terms they use to describe something that's "positive or favorable." And two words dominated the lists for baby boomers, Gen Xers, AND millennials. No matter how old you are, you probably use the words "COOL" and "AWESOME." Those two words tied...
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The Latest Words Added To The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster just announced they're adding 640 new words to the dictionary. And here are some of the highlights... EGOT (noun), "the accomplishment of winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award in one's lifetime." buzzy (adjective), "causing or characterized by a lot of speculative or...
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open book in library

Merriam-Webster beefs up, adds 'swole' to dictionary

BOSTON (KYKY) — The dictionary just got a bit heavier as the people at Merriam-Webster added 640 new words Monday. Perhaps you've heard your gym buddies announce they're going to get "swole," or you've referred to picking up your morning coffee in a "go-cup." If people are talking about a new movie...
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Watch: Jimmy Fallon Had PGA Tour Golfers Secretly Slip Funny Words Into Their Interviews

Jimmy Fallon asked PGA Tour's The Players Championship golfers to casually drop weird phrases, like "Reba McEntire concert," "Tony Danza was in the stand-za" and "swing it and ding it," into their interviews. Video of Jimmy Had PGA Tour Golfers Secretly Slip Funny Words into Their All-Star...
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The Words Parents Use So Not To Swear

A recent survey asked 2,000 parents for alternate words and phrases they use, so they don't curse in front of their kids. Here are ten popular answers... 1. "What the frog." 2. "Sugar," instead of the S-word. 3. "Oh muck." 4. "Shitake mushrooms." 5. "Mother-SMUCKER." 6. "Oh, cheeses," instead of "...
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Mother Daughter

What 3 Words Make Moms the Happiest?

Want to brighten your mother's day up really quickly? Folks took to Twitter on Monday to suggest several three-word scenarios or phrases that make moms the happiest. Fourteen of them are listed below; click on the link for many more: Yes, she's Catholic. I'm moving out. Did the dishes Here, more...
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The Slang Terms You Will Hear In 2019

Someone put together a huge list of slang terms you might hear in 2019. They're not all new, but here are ten you might not know yet... 1. "Tea." Either spelled T-E-A, or just the letter T. It means "gossip." So if you "spill tea" about someone, you're talking behind their back. 2. "Beat." It can...
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The Words That Need To Be Banished In 2019

The linguistics department at Lake Superior State University in Michigan just put out its 44th annual list of the obnoxious, overused, and just plain terrible words and phrases we need to BANISH. And here are some of the best ones for 2019... 1. Wheelhouse. 2. Wrap my head around. 3. Collusion. 4...
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