American Idol

How "American Idol" Will Work In Quarantine

"American Idol" starts the live rounds this Sunday, but they won't actually be live.
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When Will Sports Return?

In a new poll, 72% of Americans say they won't go to a sporting event until there's a COVID-19 vaccine.
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expired milk

Drinking Milk Past The Expiration Date

A new survey asked people how far past the expiration date they'll drink milk. And a LOT of people are willing to blow right past the date as long as the milk basically seems fine. 53% say they'll drink milk up to FOUR days after its expiration date, and 16% of people will drink it up to EIGHT days...
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Who Should And Will Win At The Emmys

The Emmys are this Sunday, and if you're into predictions, the "Hollywood Reporter" has put together a list of who WILL win every category, along with who SHOULD win... 1. Best Drama: Who will win: "Game of Thrones", HBO. Who should win: "Succession", HBO. 2. Best Comedy: Who will win: "The...
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The Team Most People Think Will Win The Super Bowl

The 2019 NFL season kicks off tonight when the Bears take on the Packers. So will you be GAMBLING on any games this year? A new survey by the American Gaming Association found 38 MILLION adults will bet on at least one NFL game this year. That's about 15% of the adult population. About 7 million of...
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Why We Will Or Won't Go To Social Events

According to a new survey, the average person goes to around 8,640 social events in their adult life, and that averages out to about three a week for 55 years. The survey also found the top reasons that motivate us to leave the house and go do something social... 1. Getting to catch up with someone...
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Watch: Country Time Lemonade Will Pay Kids' Illegal Lemonade Stand Fines

Did you know there are only 15 states where it's totally legal for a kid to run a LEMONADE STAND without a permit? And lots of kids have even wound up getting tickets or fines from local governments in the other 35 states. So, Country Time Lemonade offered to help kids pay permit fees and fines on...
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Watch: Dad Will Wear Daisy Dukes If Daughter Wears Hers

A dad in Florida wasn't happy with the short length of his daughter's Daisy Dukes, so he made his own pair and walked into her room wearing them. Then he threatened her with this: If she wears hers in public, he's going to wear his pair every day at school pickup. The mom filmed the whole thing.
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Look: Criminal Will Turn Hinself In For 15,000 Likes

A guy in Connecticut who's wanted for failure to appear made a deal with the cops that he'd turn himself in if his wanted poster got 15,000 likes on Facebook. And it got there in less than one day. There's no word yet on whether the guy has followed through on his end of the deal though.
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Look: 'N Sync May Tour Without Justin Timberlake

After all the hype they got from performing with ARIANA GRANDE at Coachella, 'N SYNC MINUS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE might be ready to hit the road, and maybe even record some new music. Obviously, they'd include Justin in a heartbeat, but they've waited long enough for him to come around. A source says,...
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