pizza in hospital

Look: Ordering Pizza While Wife Is In Labor

A photo of a husband in the delivery room eating pizza that he ordered while his wife is in labor is causing quite the debate online.
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Our Top Goals While In Quarantine

Here are the top GOALS people set for themselves during quarantine.
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food computer

What To Feed Kids While Distance Learning

Nutrition experts share what to feed kids while distance learning.
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burned apartment

Look: Man Burns Apartment Down While Proposing To Girlfriend

A guy in England was proposing to his girlfriend this week, and he accidentally burned their apartment down!
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The TV Shows People Started Watching While Social Distancing

A list of the shows people have started watching while social-distancing includes...
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Easter Activities That You Can Still Enjoy While Social Distancing

Here are a few Easter activities that you can STILL do while quarantined.
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America's Favorite Streaming Service For Quarantining

A new poll has found America's favorite streaming service while quarantining for COVID-19.
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video calls

How To Look You Best On Video Calls

If you want to look GOOD on video calls, just follow some simple rules...
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The Most Annoying Things While Driving

A new survey asked people to name the most annoying things they deal with when they're driving... 1. Potholes. 2. Drivers who don't signal. 3. Tailgaters. 4. Construction. 5. People on bicycles. 6. People who text and drive. 7. Drivers weaving in and out of lanes. 8. Finding parking. 9. Speed bumps...
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online shopping

Holiday Shopping Online While Working

Cyber Monday is the #1 day of the year for "work-shopping." 43% of us plan to spend at least a few minutes at work checking out deals on Cyber Monday this year, which is December 2nd. Only 29% of people said they NEVER shop while they're on the clock. Men are more likely to shop at work during the...
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