Sleeping Position

Look: Your Sleeping Position

A chart has gone viral because it shows the 18 DIFFERENT sleeping positions.
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Dining Out

What We Spend Going Out To Eat

According to a new survey, the average person now spends $281 every month going out to eat. That adds up to $3,372 every year. And during your adult life, that's more than $200,000 you'll spend going to restaurants. (That number is based on the years between the age of 18 -79.) The survey also...
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santa stress

What We Stress Over Most During The Holidays

According to a new survey, 88% of people say this is the most STRESSFUL time of the year. And here are the 10 things that stress us out the most... 1. Money worries. 2. Getting the perfect gift for everyone on your list. 3. Just keeping up with all the activities and expectations of the season. 4...
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What We Would Give Up To Not Get Sick

Here are five tough sacrifices, and how many of us would be willing to go without them for a full year, if it meant we wouldn't get sick... 1. Our vacation time. 37% said they'd give it up. 2. Social media. 36% would give it up for a year to not get sick. 3. Your favorite food, 33%. 4. Sleeping in...
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What Netflix Loses Due To Password Sharing

Netflix is reportedly losing around $135 million a month due to password sharing, which is about $1.6 BILLION annually. But that assumes that EVERYONE who's "borrowing" a password would sign up if they couldn't share. Click Here to see more.
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What Millennials Earn

According to a new study, millennials earn 20% less than boomers did at the same age even though millennials are better educated. The main reasons are the setbacks that happened during the Great Recession, which hit younger people harder than older people and more freelance and contract jobs that...
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Look: "The Shining" Twins Today

Click Here to see what the twins from "The Shining" look like today.
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Too Old For Trick-Or-Treating

Should there be a cutoff age for trick-or-treating? A new survey asked over 2,000 people. And the most popular answer was 13 years old. So once you're a teenager, some people don't think you should be out there. A quarter of people polled said there either SHOULDN'T be a cutoff age, or it should be...
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What To Expect From HBO Max

HBO has officially unveiled its plan for its upcoming streaming service, HBO Max. It'll premiere in May, and cost $14.99 a month which is the same as the current cost of HBO. Existing HBO customers will get it for free. They also announced that HBO Max will be the streaming home of "South Park",...
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What Doesn't Kill Your Career Makes It Stronger

A new study found that what doesn't kill your career only makes it stronger. People who suffer early setbacks at work tend to try even harder to succeed, and end up being more successful in the long run. Click Here to see more.
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