What The Average Couch Experiences

People hold onto couches for an average of 12 years, and it sees A LOT during that time.
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buying soap

What Americans Are Buying Right Now

Here's what Americans are buying right now, and what we're not.
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What Not To Flush Down Your Toilet

Here are a few things that you should NOT flush down your toilet.
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Grocery Store

What You Need From The Grocery Store To Prepare For Potential Quarantine

If you want to prepare for a potential quarantine or lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, here's a good guide.
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What It Takes To Be A "Best Friend"

Here's what it takes to be a BEST FRIEND.
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Parental Stress

The top things that STRESS parents out include...
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tooth fairy

What The Tooth Fairy Now Pays

Tooth Fairy payouts jumped 33 cents this year to over $4 a tooth.
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Valentine's Meal

What People Really Want For Valentine's Day Dinner

Here's what people really want for Valentine's Day dinner.
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What We Spent Last Year Buying Stuff "On Sale"

The average person spent almost $8,000 buying stuff "on sale" last year.
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What Men And Women Really Want For Valentine's Day

Here's what men and women REALLY WANT for Valentine's Day.
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