Twitter Asks Users About The Weirdest Compliment They've Ever Had

Have you ever been complimented on your hand temperature? Your molars? An NPR reporter revealed Wednesday on Twitter that someone recently shook their hand and marveled, "Your hand is the PERFECT temperature!" The bizarre praise is prompting other Twitter users to answer the question, "What's the...
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Weird Things That Can Make Someone Fall For You

If you want to up your chances in the dating scene, here are four weird science-backed things you can do to make someone fall for you... 1. Get coffee together. A first date at Starbucks might not be a bad idea. A study at Yale found that when people hold a warm drink, they're more likely to say...
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A cottage in Meneham village in Brittany, France

A Mysterious Stone in France Could Net Some Serious $$$

There’s a reward waiting for anyone who can solve a centuries old mystery in France. On the shores of Brittany, in a village called Plougastel-Daoulas a stone only visible at low tide has perplexed villagers since its discovery several years ago. The stone carries an odd inscription, reading in...
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Weird Things People Have Actually Found In Thrift Stores

Buzzfeed found some of the WEIRDEST things that people have found in thrift stores around the country. Here's some of our favorites... - A complete collection of decapitated doll heads - The board game "Don't Upset Me" - Justin Timberlake marionette - A "shells playing poker" diorama - A clock that...
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Poop emojis

There Is a Poop Museum in Japan, That Is All

Here is how Japan’s most engrossing new museum cryptically describes itself on its website: “Once it was born, it will be flushed away forever.” Are you getting a toilet vibe from that sentence? You should be, because the UNKO Museum in Yokohama is dedicated to all things poop. The site goes on: “...
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Watch: Kim Kardashian Explains Weird Sinks

The world is straight up OBSESSED with KIM KARDASHIAN's basin-less sinks. Apparently, KANYE designed them. Video of Kim Kardashian Explains Weird Sinks
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The Weird Ballpark Foods for 2019

It's opening day for Major League Baseball. And almost every team is trying to boost ticket sales this year by offering ridiculous food options. Here's a round-up of the weirdest new foods you can get at ballparks this season... 1. "Twisted Topped Pretzels" at Cardinals games. You get three pretzel...
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Watch: Animals Acting Weird

Here's a three-minute montage of animals acting really WEIRD...
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Weird Eating Habits Of Kids

Someone on Twitter recently asked people to name the strangest eating habits they had as a kid. Here are the best ones we saw... 1. Someone said they used to only eat bananas cut lengthwise with mayonnaise. 2. Uncooked pasta dipped in peanut butter. 3. Salted lemon slices. 4. Cereal with 7-Up...
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Weird Things That Make You Seem More Competent

Here are three weird things that can make you seem more competent and capable, according to research... 1. Speaking quickly. Whether you're at work or talking to a friend, studies have shown other people think we're more capable when we talk fast. And here's a bonus... The faster you talk, the more...
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