healthcare worker

What We've Endured In 2020 So Far

Some of the things that we have endured this year so far includes...
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The Top Things We Forget

Some of the top things that people FORGET include...
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Things We Failed At During Quarantine

Some of the things that we have FAILED at during quaranitne include...
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work change

How We Want Work To Change As We Return To The Office

Here's how people want to see work CHANGE once they're going to the office again.
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office work

The Office Tasks We Hate Doing

Here are the office tasks we hate.
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voice assistant

The Top Things We Ask Our Voice Assistants

Here's what we ask our voice assistants.
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How Long We Spend Cleaning

You'll waste a TON of your life cleaning, according to a new survey. Between vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, washing dishes, and other cleaning around the house, it adds up to at least 760 total days or about two whole YEARS. Click Here to see more.
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How Close We Really Are To Our Pets

Here are the results of a new survey of pet owners in the U.S. that looked at JUST how close we are with our pets... 1. 66% let their pet sleep in bed with them. 2. 54% have bought their pet a holiday present. 3. 50% let their pet lick their face. 4. 44% celebrate their pet's birthday. 5. 37% have...
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santa stress

What We Stress Over Most During The Holidays

According to a new survey, 88% of people say this is the most STRESSFUL time of the year. And here are the 10 things that stress us out the most... 1. Money worries. 2. Getting the perfect gift for everyone on your list. 3. Just keeping up with all the activities and expectations of the season. 4...
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Christmas Gift

Who We Are Buying Christmas Gifts For

A new survey found that we value our pets almost as much as our friends and more than our coworkers. The survey asked people who they're planning to buy gifts for, and pets were ALMOST as popular as friends. But they're DEFINITELY more popular than coworkers... 1. Family members. 75% will buy a...
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