Watch: Seniors Play Real Life Hungry Hungry Hippos

Seniors are among the most vulnerable people to the coronavirus, but they’re still taking time to have some fun while being socially distant.
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Robert De Niro

Watch: Robert De Niro Is Watching You

Robert De Niro is reminding people to STAY HOME right now.
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Look: Shows Netflix Recommends You Watch While Quarantined

Netflix is recommending 12 shows for people to watch while quarantined.
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Watch: High School Choir Joins Online For Concert

A choir got together ONLINE to sing "Over The Rainbow".
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Taylor Kanye

Watch: Taylor Swift And Kanye West's 2016 Phone Call

The full, 2016 phone call between KANYE WEST and TAYLOR SWIFT has leaked.
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Watch: Three-Ingredient Whipped Coffee Drink

This three-ingredient whipped coffee drink has gone viral.
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Jon Bon Jovi

Watch: Write A Song With Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi wants YOU to help him finish a song about dealing with our new normal.
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Watch: Family Recreates Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride

A video is going viral of a family's recreation in their own house of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
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Gal Gadot

Watch: Gal Gadot And Celebrity Friends Sing "Imagine"

Gal Gadot enlisted several celebrity friends to sing John Lennon's classic "Imagine".
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Watch: Cats And Domino

Cats feed themselves thanks to a Rube Goldberg machine.
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