Masked Singer

Watch: "The Masked Singer" Season Finale

Fox's "The Masked Singer" had its SEASON FINALE last night.
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Tiger King

Watch: "Tiger King: Game Of Thrones Intro"

Here's what "Tiger King" might have looked like if it had an intro like "Game Of Thrones".
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Ryan Seacrest

Watch: Ryan Seacrest Responds To Having "Possible Stroke"

Did Ryan Seacrest have a STROKE during the "American Idol" finale?
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Watch: Traveling Trumpet Player Plays "Pomp And Circumstance" For Graduates

A California trumpet player is driving around hoping to play "Pomp and Circumstance" for this year's graduates.
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American Idol

Watch: American Idol's "We Are The World"

The "American Idol" contestants, past and present, teamed up for a new version of "We Are the World".
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Watch: Graduate Together 2020

LEBRON JAMES and BARACK OBAMA were the main commencement speakers for the "Graduate Together" virtual ceremony this weekend.
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Weird Al

Watch: "We're All In This Together" Parody Video

Check out a PARODY video of Gal Gadot's "Imagine" video with celebrities singing "Eat It".
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John Schnatter

Watch: Tour Former Papa John's CEO John Schnatter's House

The founder of Papa John's, John Schnatter, is showing off his mansion.
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Watch: Host Virtual Brunch And Get Paid $1,000

A company is offering $1,000 to host virtual brunches via video chat.
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Lance Armstrong

Watch: Lance Armstrong "30 For 30" Trailer

Lance Armstrong says he'll share his TRUTH in the trailer for the "30 for 30: Lance" documentary.
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