glove sign language

Watch: New Glove Translates Sign Language To Speech

Researchers have developed a glove to translate American sign language to SPEECH!
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Listen: Highway Plays "America The Beautiful"

Rumble strips on a highway in New Mexico actually play "America the Beautiful" when you dive over them.
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Watch: The Most Effective Homemade Mask

Researchers have found the homemade mask that is MOST effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19.
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JoJo Siwa

Watch: JoJo Siwa Goes Brunette

Watch JoJo Siwa transform into a BRUNETTE.
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call center

Watch: "Celebrity Call Center"

A new show called "Celebrity Call Center" will allow you to ask celebrities for advice with your problems.
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The Princess Bride

Watch: Celebrities Remake "The Princess Bride"

A whole bunch of celebrities got together and did a homemade remake of "The Princess Bride".
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video singing

Watch: The Global Citizen "Unite For Our Future" Concert Highlights

Highlights from this weekend's "Unite For Our Future" concert includes...
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Watch: Rare All-Red Rainbow

There was an incredibly rare ALL-RED rainbow in England.
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Ryan Lochte

Watch: "In Deep With Ryan Lochte" Documentary Trailer

Swimmer Ryan Lochte reflects on past mistakes in a new documentary.
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Watch: Robot Actress To Star In Sci-Fi Movie

A new sci-fi movie will star a ROBOT actress??!!
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