The Time Wasted With Social Media

Social media has dominated the last 15 years of our life. But has it made our lives better? Well, according to a new "Wall Street Journal" poll, the majority of us aren't sure it has. Here are some stats about our ongoing relationship with social media... 1. Six in 10 Americans don't trust Facebook...
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How Much Time Is Wasted By Hitting Snooze

You could be losing up to six ENTIRE days every year just by hitting the snooze button. A new study found that if you're one of the 36% of people who hits snooze an average of four times every morning, it adds up to six wasted days a year. Click Here to see more.
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The Time Wasted Parking Your Car

The average person wastes more than 26 hours a year trying to park their car. That's roughly four or five minutes a day. Click Here to see more.
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