computer learning

Watch: Virtual Learning Rap

High School teachers go viral with a rap video about virtual learning.
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food computer

What To Feed Kids While Distance Learning

Nutrition experts share what to feed kids while distance learning.
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Company Launches Grave Cameras So Grievers Can Have 'Virtual Burial Visits'

A tech company has launched grave cameras that allow mourners worried about the coronavirus pandemic to virtually visit loved ones who have passed on.
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Tom Hanks

Watch: Tom Hanks Becomes Oakland's Virtual Hot Dog Vendor

The Oakland A's got Tom Hanks to record some amusing audio as a stadium vendor, and they're mixing it into the fake crowd noise for their home games.
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virtual assistant

Phrases That Can Accidentally Trigger Virtual Assistants

Some phrases that will accidentally trigger your virtual assistnat include...
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Watch: Graduate Together 2020

LEBRON JAMES and BARACK OBAMA were the main commencement speakers for the "Graduate Together" virtual ceremony this weekend.
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Watch: Host Virtual Brunch And Get Paid $1,000

A company is offering $1,000 to host virtual brunches via video chat.
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computer singing 2

Watch: "You'll Never Walk Alone" Virtual Choir

A virutal choir, made up from vocalists and instrumentalists from over 15 countries, has gone VIRAL for singing "You'll Never Walk Alone".
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Bill Murray

Watch: Bill Murray And Guy Fieri Will Compete In Virtual Nacho-Making Contest

Bill Murray, Guy Fieri, and their sons will compete in a virtual nacho-making contest Friday night on Food Network's Facebook page.
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Hilary Duff

Watch: "Lizzie McGuire" Virtual Reunion

The cast of Disney's "Lizzie McGuire" recently reunited via a virtual chat.
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