Chadwick Boseman

Watch: 'Black Panther' Chadwick Boseman Tribute Open

Check out the NEW opening to "Black Panther" which now pays tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman.
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Christmas Dog

Listen: 'Raise The Woof!' - The First Ever Christmas Song Just For Dogs

The FIRST EVER Christmas song just for DOGS has been released.
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Watch: KFC's Retro 'Holiday Buckets'

Fried chicken in an old bucket from the ‘60s? Where do we sign up?
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Watch: the Jimmy Dean Gift Exchange

Jimmy Dean is offering several sausage-themed GIFTS this holiday season.
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Wolfgang Van Halen

Watch: Wolfgang Van Halen's Tribute To His Dad

Wolfgang Van Halen released his debut single, "Distance" yesterday as a tribute to his late father Eddie Van Halen.
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Watch: Kylie Cosmetic's 'Grinch' Holiday Collection

Kylie Jenner reveals her '"Grinch" themed csmetics line for the holidays.
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magic marker

Listen: 'Jingle Bells' Played By Using A Marker

Check out a math equation using a marker that makes the sound of "Jingle Bells".
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Watch: Diddy Can't Dive

A video of Diddy trying to dive into his pool has gone viral.
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Masked Singer

Watch: The Snow Owls Are Revealed On "The Mask Singer"

The Snow Owls were REVEALED on last night's "The Masked Singer".
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Ryan Reynolds/Hugh Jackman

Watch: Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Re-Ignite Feud For Charity

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have RE-IGNITED their "feud" for chairty.
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