Look: Vegas Bachelorette Party Email

There's an email going viral from a woman going to a Vegas bachelorette party. She emailed everyone a list of rules including no liquor, no sex, and a church trip she scheduled for Sunday morning. ( Click Here to see the full email.
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Look: Vegas Shooting Survivors Get Married On One-Year Anniversary

A couple who survived the Las Vegas shooting decided to "take back the date" by getting MARRIED in Vegas yesterday on the one-year anniversary. ( Click Here to see more.
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Vegas Sportsbooks Lose If Knights Win Stanley Cup

The Vegas Golden Knights are three wins away from winning the Stanley Cup, which is crazy because they're an expansion team that had the longest odds to win at the beginning of the season. Now, Vegas sportsbooks stand to lose $5 million to $7 million on payouts if the Golden Knights prevail. Click...
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