Valentine's Day

Crush Orange Soda

HS Senior Makes Valentine Day Special For All Fellow Students

A Centralia High School senior found a creative way to give each one of her peers a "crush" on Valentine's Day. According to WJBD , the anonymous cupid gave away 843 cans of Crush soda, one to each student at the school and every one of the cans came with a personalized note with words of...
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Viral Video: Young Valentine's Day Surprise

This happened in Ireland, and it's ADORABLE. A mom posted video of her autistic son knocking on the front door of his crush's house . . . so he could give her Valentine's Day flowers and a card. It worked . . . she accepted them and gave him a nice big hug. Video of Young Valentine's Day...
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The States That Complained Most About Being Single On Valentine's Day

Someone looked at geotagged Twitter data from the last month to figure out which states COMPLAINED the most about being single on Valentine's Day. And people in the northeast either didn't care as much, or stayed quiet about it. Because most of the top ten states are in the western half of the U.S...
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Even Chance Pit Bull

Video: Have A Kiss-A-Bull Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! A great way to celebrate the day ... kisses from pit bulls from Even Chance St. Louis !!!!!!! Video of Kiss-a-bull Cuties on Valentine's Day! Gosh, I can see why people think these are such vicious animals lol! If you would like to support Even Chance and all they do...
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Valentine's Day Facts

Here are a few FACTS to share about Valentine's Day today... Sweethearts, the little candy hearts with words on them, have been around for over 150 years. They're made by the same company that makes Necco Wafers. They were invented in 1866. So, 152 years ago. Because of Valentine's Day, more...
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Y98 Valentines Day Kids Coupons

Valentine's Day Coupons For Kids

Valentine's Day for the kids, made simple.
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What We Plan To Spend On Valentine's Day

Apparently most people aren't looking to break the bank this Valentine's Day. According to a new survey, the average person will only spend $34 total. Here are four more stats about money and relationships... 1. 44% of people said they plan to spend NOTHING on Valentine's Day this year. It's not...
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Dirt Cheap Drink of the Month: Rose-ecco

It's February, so of course we had to make a Valentine's Day inspired drink this month.
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Send A Real Puppy To Your Loved One On Valentine’s Day!

“Puppy Grams” are the brand new way to say “I Love You” this year thanks to local animal rescue group, Gateway Pet Guardians (GPG)! For a $100 donation GPG delivers flowers along with puppy snuggles to your Valentine! Each puppy stays at the destination about 10-15 minutes, just enough time for...
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Valentine's Day Freebies

Valentine's Day is less than a week away, and if you're trying to keep costs down, here are five places where you can get some food on the cheap. 1. Qdoba. They'll give you a burrito, bowl, quesadilla, or other entrée for free on February 14th if you kiss someone at the register. And if you're...
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