Watch: Burger King's "Upside-Down Whopper"

Burger King just announced a promotion with "Stranger Things" where they'll be serving UPSIDE-DOWN WHOPPERS. Literally, they just give you a Whopper upside down, and there's nothing at all different about the sandwich. welcome to hawki—er, burger king. would you like an upside down whopper? served...
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Look: Eating Burgers Upside-Down

Have we been eating burgers wrong our whole lives? There's a tweet going viral right now that says we SHOULD be eating them upside-down since the top bun is bigger, it'll absorb the juices and condiments and do a better job keeping the burger from falling apart or dripping. Did you know that...
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Look: Upside-Down Jeans

Here's the latest in STUPID JEANS. A company just released upside-down jeans where the belt loops, pockets, and fly are all by your ankles. ( And they cost $495. Click Here to see more.
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