The Most Annoying Things We Do In Ubers And Lyfts

A new survey asked Uber and Lyft drivers for the most annoying things their passengers do. Here are the top 10... 1. Eating food that stinks. 2. Smoking weed, or smelling like weed. 3. Arguing with the route. 4. Slamming the door. 5. Being rude. 6. Making female drivers uncomfortable. 7. Not being...
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The Weirdest Things Left Behind In Ubers Last Year

Uber just released its annual list of the strangest things people left behind in Ubers last year. The Top 50 list doesn't appear to be ranked in any way. So we went through the whole thing and grabbed our favorites. Some of the weirdest things people left behind last year are... A two-month-old...
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