Better Call Saul

The Best Shows Of 2020 So Far

"Rolling Stone" put together a list of the 15 best shows of 2020 so far.
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Darth Vader

Look: The Worst Dads In Film And TV

A list of BAD dads from film and TV includes...
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This Is Us

The Most Watched Network Shows Of The 2019-2020 Season

The most watched NETWORK shows of the 2019-2020 season include...
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The TV Shows People Started Watching While Social Distancing

A list of the shows people have started watching while social-distancing includes...
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Batman TV Show

Watch: The Celebrity Window Cameos From "Batman"

The celebrities who made cameos coming out of the building window on the old "Batman" TV series include...
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TV Shows To Keep You Streaming For Weeks

"USA Today" has a list of 100 shows you can watch over WEEKS of social distancing.
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Peaky Blinders

The TV Shows That "No One Is Watching"

A list of the TV shows that "nobody is watching" includes...
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The Best TV Shows With At Least 100 Episodes To Binge-Watch

If you need something to watch while in quarantine, a list of TV shows with more than 100 episodes that are available to stream includes...
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The Mandalorian

The Best Sci-Fi TV Shows Of All Time

"Rolling Stone" ranked the 50 best sci-fi TV shows of all time.
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The Top TV Shows That Should Be Brought Back

A new survey says that the TV shows that should be brought back are...
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