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Look: Dad's Honest Review Of Toddler Daughter's "Restaurant"

A dad's hilariously honest review of his toddler daughter's "restaurant" has gone viral.
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Watch: Potty Training Toddler

Potty training a toddler isn't exactly fun, but it can be funny. That's why this video has gone viral. It's a little boy on the potty seat telling his parents that he peed but did not poop. And the way he says it is hysterical.
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Watch: Toddler Punches Halloween Display

Last week we saw a little boy in a Halloween store punch a spider display that attacked him. This time an animatronic clown doesn't even move and gets punched and grabbed by a boy. Video of Boy Isn't Scared of Clown Decoration in Halloween Store || ViralHog
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Watch: Toddler Can't Believe Mom Didn't Kiss Him Goodbye

A dad filmed his toddler son trying to express his frustration that mom didn't kiss him goodbye before leaving for work. The kid is still learning his words, which makes it even more adorable. Video of Toddler can't believe mom went to work without KISSING HIM GOODBYE
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WATCH: A St. Peters, Missouri 4-Year-Old Boy Is An Amazing Drummer

(KYKY) — Let me introduce you to Luca. Luca is a 4-year-old who loves music and loves drumming along to the music he listens to. Luca is a fighter. He was born at 25 weeks and weighed 2 pounds. He stayed at St. Louis Children's Hospital for 116 days. He loves Kit Kats, bananas, and pizza. His...
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Little Girl

This Little Girl Does Not Like Her Mom's Singing

A mom in Arlington, Virginia posted video of her little girl's harsh disapproval of her singing. Every time she launches into a song, the girl very firmly says no. Click HERE for the video. This little girl would hate living in my house because all I do is sing and I'm AWFUL!
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Watch: Toddler Tries To Find A "Private Place"

A mom in Sioux Falls, South Dakota posted video of her toddler son telling her to "go away" because he wants some privacy in the bathroom. He's holding the door halfway open and waving her off. Video of Toddler Tries to Find a Private Place || ViralHog
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Watch: Falling Ladder Barely Misses Toddler

This near-miss happened last month, but it's making the rounds now. It's a nine-second video of a woman moving things around on a driveway close to where a huge metal ladder is leaning against the house. The ladder starts falling over just as a little kid takes off running under its path...
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Watch: Cute Conversation Between Dad And Baby Daughter

You may have seen the viral video last week of a baby talk conversation between a dad and his toddler son. Well, here's one starring a little girl and her dad. In this one, they're "arguing" about whether or not her diaper should be changed.
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Watch: Adorable Conversation Being Dad And Son

A video has gone viral of a dad having a "conversation" about a TV show with his toddler son who hasn't learned how to talk yet.
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