How Long Do You Want To Live?

A recent survey asked people how long they would like to live.
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Baby Yoda Coming To Build-A-Bear

The breakout star of Disney +'s "The Mandalorian", BABY YODA, will be available as a plush doll at Build-A-Bear this spring! Click Here to see more.
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How To Avoid Getting A Cold

You can't get a cold and the flu at the same time, according to a new study. The doctors found that both viruses create an inflammatory response in your body that basically acts like a barrier to the other one, so the one that gets there first wins out. Click Here to see more.
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How Close We Really Are To Our Pets

Here are the results of a new survey of pet owners in the U.S. that looked at JUST how close we are with our pets... 1. 66% let their pet sleep in bed with them. 2. 54% have bought their pet a holiday present. 3. 50% let their pet lick their face. 4. 44% celebrate their pet's birthday. 5. 37% have...
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What We Would Give Up To Not Get Sick

Here are five tough sacrifices, and how many of us would be willing to go without them for a full year, if it meant we wouldn't get sick... 1. Our vacation time. 37% said they'd give it up. 2. Social media. 36% would give it up for a year to not get sick. 3. Your favorite food, 33%. 4. Sleeping in...
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Man Busted Hiring Driver To Take His Driving Test

A guy in England was busted earlier this year for hiring an impersonator to take his driving test for him after he failed 27 TIMES. He was just given a 14-month suspended sentence and 200 hours of community service. Click Here to see more.
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How To Have Christmas Just Like Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is famous for her classic song "All I Want for Christmas Is You". But for some people, all they want for Christmas is to be Mariah Carey. And now, you can! Mariah sat down with "Cosmo" and shared her NINE-STEP blueprint for celebrating Christmas EXACTLY like she does... 1. Get in the "...
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Watch: Kid Really Wants To Be Chocolate Chips For Halloween

This is a fun video from last week that's still making the rounds. It's a cute kid named Leo who keeps getting asked what he wants to be for Halloween and every single time he says chocolate chips. And then at the end, you see that his wish came true. It's photos of him wearing a box of Nestle Toll...
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Things To Look Forward To In November

It's November, and obviously we're all counting down to Thanksgiving in a couple weeks, but here are six MORE things to look forward to this month... 1. We set the clocks back this Sunday morning at 2:00 A.M. So enjoy your extra hour of sleep Saturday night. 2. Some movies hitting theaters include...
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Going To Work Sick

A new poll found just under 90% us go to work with cold or flu symptoms at least some of the time. Including a full third who said they ALWAYS do, no matter how sick they are. Only 11% of us never go to work with cold or flu symptoms. The #1 reason we show up sick is we feel like there's just too...
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