Amazon To Deliver To Your Trunk

Amazon just launched a new service where they'll deliver packages right into your car's TRUNK. For now it's only available for people with Volvo and GM cars in big cities. Click Here to see more.
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Photo: Truck Drivers Unite To Stop Jumper

A guy in Detroit was threatening to jump off a highway overpass yesterday. So police got 13 truck drivers to park their trucks side-by-side underneath it. Then they managed to talk him down, and no one was hurt. ( Click Here to see more.
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Necco Wafers To Go Out Of Business

Necco Wafers may not be delicious, but they're going through a MASSIVE surge of popularity right now anyway. It's because the New England Confectionery Company announced last month they would probably be going out of business sometime this year. They're the people that make Necco Wafers,...
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Viral Video: Finding The Freshest Eggs

To get the freshest eggs possible, look for the "Julian date" on the carton. It's a three-digit number near the expiration date that tells you the day of the year when they were packed. "001" would mean January 1st. And "365" would mean December 31st, because they were packed on the 365th day of...
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Viral Video: How To Sauce Pasta

If you want to up your pasta game, save some of the water you boil it in, and add it to the sauce. The starch in the water helps the sauce emulsify. Meaning the oil and water blend together instead of separating. So it ends up being creamier. Video of You're Doing It All Wrong - How to...
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Songs Psychopaths Listen To

A study has found that PSYCHOPATHS listen to...
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