Things To Look Forward To In September

Some things to look forward to in September inlclude...
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back to school

Back-To-School Shopping

A survey on back-to-school shopping found parents are buying...
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What We Would Give Up To Never Have To Pay Taxes

Americans are willing to give up TV, alcohol and even sports to never pay taxes again.
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What Certain Liquors Can Do To You

A survey of 2,000 drinkers found that certain liquors cause people to...
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Tips To Fly Safe During The Pandemic

A guy who's flown over 30 times during the pandemic gave some tips on how he stays as safe as possible.
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Little Things That We Look Forward To Each Day

Some little things that people look forward to each day inlcude...
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The Things We Forget To Clean

A list of things that everyon FORGETS to cklean includes...
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chicken soup

The Comfort Foods We Are Eating To Deal With The Pandemic

The COMFORT FOODS that people are eating to deal with the pandemic are...
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Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks To Be New "Dancing With The Stars" Host

Tyra Banks is apparently the NEW Host of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars".
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Look: Redskins To Change Team Name

Yesterday, the Washington Redskins finally made the official announcement: They're changing their name to...
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