National Tire Safety Week

It's National Tire Safety Week which is a good reminder to make sure you're being safe out there on the roads. Here are five things you're supposed to do this week... 1. Check your tire pressure. It fluctuates with the weather and can drop about one PSI per month. You can usually find your optimum...
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Look: Veteran Helps Colin Powell With Flat Tire

A veteran who lost his leg in Afghanistan saw Colin Powell broken down on the side of the road and helped him fix his flat tire.
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Watch: Road Rage Bus Attack

A passenger on a Greyhound bus last week shot cell phone video of a woman with road rage bashing the bus with a tire iron. Then the woman goes back to her car and tries to pull away, even though the bus driver is standing in FRONT calling 911. She drives off with him ON the hood of her car until he...
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