Tipping Your Uber Driver

Do you normally tip your Uber driver, or only if they're really nice? A new study looked at a ton of data and found almost 60% of us NEVER tip them. Here are a few more stats from the survey... 1. For people who do tip, the average is about $3 per ride. 2. Men are slightly more likely to tip than...
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Look: Senator Calls Out Patron's Bad Tip

A New Jersey state senator tweeted a random guy's receipt from a restaurant and called him out for leaving a tiny tip. Now the guy is thinking about suing. Wow...have to work to qualify for my calling you out specifically as a jerk. But Anthony Dierlof qualifies. Ashley is a great waitress and...
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Look: "The Joker" Steals Tip Jar

The police in Toronto are looking for a guy who stole a tip jar from a restaurant last week while he was dressed as The Joker. He'll be facing theft charges. (TheStar.com) Click Here to see more.
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Uber Driver

Should You Tip Your Uber Driver?

About a week and a half ago, my car wouldn't start and Brian had to take me to work. I decided to take an Uber home from work because I knew he needed to get Lu from school and I didn't want to make him come downtown to get me. I never take Uber, so when I was dropped off and got inside my house, I...
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The National Average For Tipping

According to a new study, the national average for tipping is now 17.12%. People in Maine give the highest average tips, at 19.36%. The other states where people tip at least 18% or more are: Rhode Island . . . New Jersey . . . Connecticut . . . Vermont . . . Florida . . . and Michigan. Missouri...
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People Are Doing the "Tip the Bill Challenge" And Giving Waiters 100% Gratuity

All the online challenges we've seen recently have been dangerous and stupid. So, it's nice to see one that's kind, instead of pointless and potentially fatal. There's a new trend called the "Tip the Bill Challenge," where people are tipping servers 100%. So if your bill is $25, you add a $25 tip...
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People You Should Tip During The Holidays

Here are the people you should ALWAYS tip during the holiday season.
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