Watch: Three-Ingredient Whipped Coffee Drink

This three-ingredient whipped coffee drink has gone viral.
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Watch: Woman Walks Into Glass Three Times In A Row

Security cameras at a store caught a woman walking into the glass 3 TIMES trying to find the exit. Video of Woman walks into glass 3 times in a row
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Watch: Hero Pensioner Takes On Three Armed Robbers

Security video filmed three robbers storming a betting parlor in Ireland. Two were carrying hammers and one had a gun. There were three customers, and two of them hit the floor, but the third guy, a feisty senior citizen, didn't. He went behind the counter and started tangling with one of the...
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Watch: "Stranger Things" Season 3 Teaser

Netflix has released a teaser for Season Three of "Stranger Things", and apparently, there's a chance the 'gate' could re-open at a Waldenbooks. Video of Coming Soon: The Starcourt Mall! | Hawkins, Indiana
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Watch: Three Guys Accidentally Break Porch Swing

Three grown men were filming themselves sitting on a porch swing together, and then a chain broke and the swing came down. But they were all okay and had a good laugh about it. (WARNING: They do shout a profanity, but it's understandable.) Video of Three Guys Accidentally Break Porch Swing - 989477
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