Watch: Hovershoe Wearing Thief

A guy skating on HOVERSHOES shoplifted $551 worth of stuff from a Walmart in Florida earlier this month. Police are trying to track him down. Video of Walmart Space Shoes thief
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Great Hair

Look: Thief With "Fantastic Hair"

A UPS employee in Florida with really FANTASTIC HAIR is accused of stealing packages from his truck. How do you report this story and not comment on his hair? I couldn’t be a news reporter — Donna (@darnold99) December 5, 2019
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Look: Startled Car Thief

A car thief in Oregon was caught by a motion-detecting camera in a car, and it captured him looking completely SHOCKED at getting caught. (Unilad.Co.UK) Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Thief's Truck Stolen During Robbery

A guy in Washington had his truck stolen on Sunday. But it turns out it was stolen while the guy was across the street ROBBING a business. So he was arrested for burglary, and police are still trying to track down whoever stole his truck. Click Here to see the video and more.
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Watch: Hammer Weilding Thief Gets Pepper Sprayed

It's not clear where this happened. A store security cam shot video of a thief with a hammer getting pepper sprayed by a store employee. They go at it a couple of times before the employee backs away and locks himself inside the cooler. The pepper spray did the trick though, because the thief is...
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Look: Ballwin Police Arrest Thief Who Kept Journal

The police in Ballwin caught a guy last week who'd been on an alcohol theft spree, and they found he had a journal where he kept detailed records of EVERYTHING he'd stolen. He'll be facing several charges.
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Look: "Karate Kid" Purse Thief

A guy stole a purse out of a car at a gas station in Swansea, South Carolina earlier this week. But for whatever reason, before he took it, he got into the crane kick pose from "The Karate Kid". The police posted photos of the guy and his sweet karate form on Facebook on Tuesday. And they updated...
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Watch: Airport Scanner Thief

Security cam at an airport in Rome filmed a guy stealing two envelopes filled with $9,000 in cash that somebody placed in one of those trays you put your stuff in before walking through the scanner. He took the money while the guy was stopped at the X-ray machine. It looks like his belt may have...
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Watch: Money Thief Caught By Mousetrap

A store in Brazil put a mousetrap inside a cash drawer that people had been stealing from, and then posted video of it catching a woman in the act. She's at the counter talking to someone when she sneaks her hand into the drawer and it snaps. No one says anything and she calmly puts it back, and...
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Watch: Car Thief Foiled By Three-Point Turn

A guy in Pennsylvania tried to steal a pickup truck out of a driveway last week, but there was another car behind it, and he just couldn't pull off a three-point turn to get around it. He finally gave up, and now the cops are trying to track him down. Video of 18 18847 Att Veh Theft
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