Chris Evans

Feel-Good "Behind The Scenes" Hollywood Stories

A list of feel-good "behind the scenes" Hollywood stories includes...
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Jake Gyllenhaal

Listen: Jake Gyllenhaal Sings "Across The Way"

Jake Gyllenhaal sings a new LOVE song for "the age of quarantine".
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hot sauce

Watch: Frank's RedHot's "Spin The Bottle" Super Bowl Contest

You could win over $36,000 from Frank's RedHot during Super Bowl.
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Hint Gift

"Take The Hint" Christmas Gifts

Thanks to the viral Peloton ad, where the guy gives his significant other an exercise bike and she obsessively trains on it for a year, there's a lot of talk about whether it's cool to give gifts like THAT. And according to a new survey, about one in five people say they ARE planning to give a...
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Look: "On The Way" Friends

A mom in Colorado posted online after one of her friends drove 30 miles to help her out. Now the term "on the way friends" is trending. Meaning TRUE friends who'll drop everything and say "I'm on the way" if they know you need them.
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Look: "Taco Tuesday" And "The" Patents Rejected

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has rejected LEBRON JAMES' request to trademark "Taco Tuesday"... The USPTO has refused the TACO TUESDAY trademark application filed by Lebron James' company LBJ Trademarks, LLC. The refusal, issued at 6:26 PM today, finds that TACO TUESDAY is a "commonplace...
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The Safest Cities To Visit In The World

The Economist Intelligence Unit just put out a list of the SAFEST big cities to travel to. They don't just look at how likely you are to get mugged. They also look at infrastructure, potential diseases you could catch, and how likely you are to have your identity stolen while you're there. Here are...
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Look: Ohio State Tries To Trademark "The"

Ohio State University has filed a trademark application for the rights to the word 'THE,' so that they can capitalize on everyone saying "THE Ohio State University." JUST IN: The Ohio State University has filed for a trademark application to the word “THE” with an intent to use on shirts and hats...
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Look: On The Set Of "Bill & Ted 3"

The third "Bill & Ted" movie is in production, and we have photographic PROOF. ( Click Here to see more.
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The Dad Joke Generator

Click Here to enjoy CNN's "The Dad Joke Generator".
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