The Top Movie The Year You Were Born

Click Here to find out the top MOVIE the year you were born.
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Look: "The Gift Of Nothing"

A company in England just created "The Gift of Nothing," which is just an empty, plastic heart. They're selling them for $1.25. We couldn't find any way to get one shipped to the U.S. though, so if you want to give someone nothing, you'll actually have to give them literally nothing. (
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Look: Kate Beckinsale's Mom From Years Ago

Would it even remotely surprise you to learn that Kate Beckinsale's mom was once an actress herself? It was great that my mother covered wearing hot pants really well and rocking a fashion owl so that I could chill for my awkward teenage years and just enjoy having the teeth of an adult horse,...
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Watch: Susan Boyle Gets Golden Buzzer On "America's Got Talent: The Champions"

Susan Boyle returned last night for the start of an international all-star season of "America's Got Talent". She sang "Wild Horses" and received a Golden Buzzer. Simon Cowell told her, quote, "I'm absolutely thrilled you're here." Video of Susan Boyle Earns Golden Buzzer With Iconic "Wild...
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Watch: Love Is In The Air...Plane Proposal

Watch Stefano surprise his girlfriend, and Emirates’ cabin crew member Vittoria, with a romantic inflight proposal... With some help from the cabin crew and passengers. Love is in the air(plane). Watch our customer Stefano surprise his girlfriend and Emirates’ cabin crew member Vittoria with a...
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Watch: "Time's" Person Of The Year

"Time" magazine chose its Person of the Year. They went with "The Guardians"... Journalists who are fighting the "war on truth" and standing up to governments that are trying to delegitimize them. The stout man with the gray goatee and the gentle demeanor dared to disagree with his country’s...
Read More's Word Of The Year's pick for the Word of the Year for 2018 is . . . "misinformation." They say they picked "misinformation" over "disinformation" because of the subtle difference. "Disinformation" is info you spread to INTENTIONALLY mislead people . . . "misinformation" is just false info you see or...
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Watch: The Hollywood Extra

What do over 40 TV shows, music videos, and commercials have in common? Some Hollywood extra who was in each one. Video of background extra Video of Background extra PART 2
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The Top Websites That Shaped The Internet As We Know It

Thee website decided to rank the 100 websites that shaped the Internet as we know it today. Here are their top 10: Wikipedia . . . Google . . . YouTube . . . The Onion . . . the Internet Archive . . . Twitter . . . Netflix . . . Reddit . . . eBay . . . and MySpace. Click Here to see...
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Watch: MLB - Rewrite The Rules

Major League Baseball is running a great ad about just LETTING THE KIDS PLAY and not criticizing them for breaking all the game's stuffy, unwritten rules. Video of MLB Postseason: Rewrite the rules
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