Look: Making Fake Money For Hollywood

One of the top companies that makes fake money for movies and TV shows says it actually has to follow guidelines set by the Secret Service. For instance, if the money looks too real, it can only be printed on one side. Also, the "U" in "United States" is actually a "W".
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Look: 18 Inch Pizza Is Bigger Than Two 12 Inch Pizzas

Right now, people on Twitter are losing their minds after an image went viral that uses fairly basic math to show that one large, 18-inch pizza is actually more total food than TWO 12-inch pizzas. The 18-inch pizza is 254 square inches of pizza... While the two 12-inch pizzas add up to only 226...
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Watch: We Believe It's More Than Just A Toy

Not just LYNDA CARTER loves this new commercial where a boy buys a Wonder Woman doll... Video of We Believe: It's More Than Just A Toy
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