school supplies

TEACHERS: Save on school supplies at Target with this exclusive deal

(KYKY) — Target is offering teachers a discount to get ready for going back to school. For one week, July 13-20, educators can save 15% on select classroom supplies and men’s & women’s apparel. To access the coupon, teachers must enter their identification information to be verified. Those...
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STLFC offers free admission for teachers at upcoming home games

St. Louis' local pro soccer team is showing some love to educators this season! Saint Louis FC is offering one free ticket for all teachers and administrators to each of its next two home games, Sat. March 23 and Sat. March 30. To get your two free tickets (one for each game), just bring your...
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Adorable Teachers Turn Classroom into a "Starbooks"

These days it can be hard for kids to step away from their screens and open a book or two. But not with innovative teachers like Mrs. Del Castillo, Mrs. Martinez, and Mrs. Kerr from San Antonio, Texas. The teaching trio let their students have a "latte" fun as they turned their entire classroom...
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Video: Teachers Spoof Students Before Christmas Break

It's that time of year when students are stir-crazy for Christmas break and can't wait to get out of school. The only problem is teachers are the ones that are truly about to lose it. Check out this group of teacher's that re-enacted the choas before Christmas break!
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Christmas Gifts Teachers Don't Want

I'm still new to the world of giving gifts to teachers. I want to make sure I give Lu's teachers something they will appreciate, but I also need to be thrifty because there are a lot of awesome people we will be giving gifts to this Holiday season. I have searched Pinterest tons of times for "...
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Lu Is 2

And Just Like That, We Have A Two-Year-Old

I can't believe she's two! Wait, didn't I say that when she turned one? I think I did. I've been pretty emotional about Lu turning two (FYI - being pregnant doesn't help with those emotions). Of course I'm emotional because our baby is growing up and it's a reminder how time flies. It's a reminder...
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students singing

Watch: Students Perform Flawless Acapella Cover of "This Is Me" From The Greatest Showman

Now this is how you start a school year! Checkout the students of the Plymouth Public Schools who performed a powerful rendition of "This Is Me" from the popular musical 'The Greatest Showman' for their staff at their Opening Day ceremony. According to the Plymouth Public School Facebook page, the...
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back to school

Dads Line Up to Cheer On Elementary School Kids on First Day of School

I absolutely love this story! Even though most dads may have bad jokes and dance moves they are always our biggest fans. Check out how a group of dads are celebrating students first day of school. Broward Elementary School started their first day of class with a line of dads cheering, clapping, and...
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The Top School Supplies Teachers Need Donated

The new school year's coming up. And not every parent can afford all the supplies their kids need. So sadly, teachers end up footing the bill for a lot of stuff. Someone talked to a bunch of them and asked which things they need most. So if you're doing your back-to-school shopping and want to buy...
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Back To School Shopping

STUDY: Parents Who Bring Kids With Them School Shopping Spend More

The shelves will be filled with book bags, colored pencils and lots of parents scrambling to get their kids school supply list. But do you take the kids with you or leave them at home? A new study suggests if you don't want to break the bank, keep the kiddos at home. A new study by Citi Retail...
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