Watch: Pigeon Poops On Politician Talking About Pigeon Poop Problem

A guy named Jaime Andrade is an Illinois state rep from Chicago. And he was giving an interview to the local CBS station yesterday at a train stop about how he's trying to get funding to fight the PIGEON POOP epidemic at that stop. And as he was talking on camera, a pigeon pooped on him. OH CRAP!...
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Talking To The Person Next To You On A Plane

Do you ever talk to the random person sitting next to you on a plane? According to a new survey, 5% of people say they ALWAYS have a conversation with the person sitting next to them, and 9% say they usually do. Added up, that means you've got about a one in seven shot of sitting next to someone...
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Uber Is Now Offering "Quiet Mode" Where Your Driver Won't Talk To You

Uber's IPO didn't go well, but the company could really boost their business with this new feature. On Tuesday, Uber rolled out a new quiet mode and if you pick it, it means your driver won't talk to you. Unfortunately, you'll have to pay for it, though. It's only available in Uber Black and Black...
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How Often You Talk To Your Partner When You Are At Work

When you're in a relationship, do you consider yourself needy, or pretty independent? A new poll asked almost 4,000 people how often they text or talk to their significant other while they're at work. Here are the results... 1. 5% of people said they check in once an HOUR. 2. 9% say once every...
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Watch: Kanye West Talks To Talking Tree

Just when you think you know Kanye West, he starts having conversations with TREES??!! Talking tree @FairchildGarden — ye (@kanyewest) December 12, 2018
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Watch: John Stamos Cries Talking About His Son

John Stamos cried on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" yesterday, because he missed his baby boy. He also said the kid is making it hard for him and his wife to have sex. Video of Live with Kelly and Ryan Oct 18, 2018 (10/18/2018) - John Stamos interview
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Jen Myers

Jen Myers: We Need To Talk About Boobs

To this message, which I receive all the time: NO. Instead, can we talk for a minute? Girls AND guys? We need to talk about BOOBS. Why are we so scared to talk about them? Why are we hiding messages in DMs and hiding the breast cancer discussion with a single heart posted in our status updates? You...
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Watch: Reporter Doesn't Know She's Talking To Def Leppard's Guitarist

A Houston reporter named Syan Rhodes was doing man-on-the-street interviews recently, when she asked some British guy what he was doing in Houston. He told her he was in town playing with a band. She asked him, quote, "Is it, like, a band I would recognize?" He replied, "Probably, yeah." Turns out...
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