Watch: Teddy Bears Ride Rollercoaster

A video has been making the rounds of 22 oversize teddy bears taking a rollercoaster ride.
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Look: Mom Photoshops Roaches On Sleeping Son To Get Him The Bathe

A kid won't stop bathing after after his mom Photoshops roaches on a picture of him sleeping.
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Watch: Secret's "Strong Women Take The Field" Commerical

Secret's commercial for the Super Bowl stars several WOMEN soccer stars.
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Look: Man Dresses As His Mother To Take Driving Test

A guy in Brazil recently dressed up as his MOTHER to take her driving test for her. But the instructor figured it out, and he was arrested for fraud and misuse of someone's identity. (BBC.com) Click Here to see more.
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Hint Gift

"Take The Hint" Christmas Gifts

Thanks to the viral Peloton ad, where the guy gives his significant other an exercise bike and she obsessively trains on it for a year, there's a lot of talk about whether it's cool to give gifts like THAT. And according to a new survey, about one in five people say they ARE planning to give a...
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Man Busted Hiring Driver To Take His Driving Test

A guy in England was busted earlier this year for hiring an impersonator to take his driving test for him after he failed 27 TIMES. He was just given a 14-month suspended sentence and 200 hours of community service. Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Polite Trick-Or-Treating Dinosaurs

There are two reasons to like this doorbell cam video from Halloween. The first is because it's two people wearing huge T-Rex costumes, and it's pretty funny to see them bouncing off of each other, and the walls of the porch. The second reason is because nobody's home, so the dinos could have...
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How Much Money It Would Take To Give Up Social Media

A new study asked just how much money it'd take for us to give up certain soical media websites... 1. We'd need $17,530 per year to give up all search engines, especially Google. That means it's worth about $48-per-day to us. 2. We'd need $8,414 to give up email, meaning it's worth around $23-a-day...
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Reasons To Take A Road Trip This Fall

Here's how to do an autumn ROAD TRIP right... 1. Seek out the fall foliage. Fall leaves and all their incredible colors are something you can only get this time of year. In most areas, the autumn colors peak in mid-October, but it really depends on the weather. (Here's an interactive map for 2019...
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Watch: Why John Cena Doesn't Take Vacations

John Cena claims he's never taken a vacation. As for why, he says, "I play fight with people for a living. That shouldn't be a job, so I really enjoy it and I love what I do. Video of John Cena's Fashion Sense Was Inspired by Kris Kross
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