Uber Is Now Offering "Quiet Mode" Where Your Driver Won't Talk To You

Uber's IPO didn't go well, but the company could really boost their business with this new feature. On Tuesday, Uber rolled out a new quiet mode and if you pick it, it means your driver won't talk to you. Unfortunately, you'll have to pay for it, though. It's only available in Uber Black and Black...
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Watch: Rhino Attacks SUV

In case you haven't seen this: Somebody posted video of a rhino at the Africam Safari park in Puebla, Mexico, and it's ramming an SUV filled with people. It seems to be trying to flip it over. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the SUV was able to drive away. Video of Shocking moment rhino rams...
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Watch: Man Attacks SUV

Somebody posted cell phone video of a road rage incident in Florida where a guy TRIES to convince the other driver to get out of their car, but no such luck. So, he starts punching the car's grill. And then as the car backs away he takes a running start and slams his body into the front of it...
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Viral Video: Cheetah Jumps Into SUV

There's video of a cheetah that jumped into the back seat of an SUV on a safari in Africa. It's inches away from a guy in the front seat who stays perfectly still and keeps his eyes forward as the cheetah sniffs around, but doesn't attack.
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Viral Video: Stranger Saves Flood Victim

An SUV got caught in floodwaters near L.A. last Thursday, then flipped over and ended up on its roof. And there's a video of a random guy risking his life to smash one of the windows and pull the driver out. Video of Flash Flood in Sand Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA | Mar 22, 2018
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