Watch: Freediving Under Clear Ice

A "freediver" named Petr Kapoun swam directly under the clear surface of a frozen lake in the Czech Republic. There are two holes cut into the lake, and he swims from one to the other as he follows a yellow rope placed under the ice as a guide. Video of Freediving Under Clear Ice || ViralHog
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Relationship Issues That Can Surface Around The Holidays

Here are six relationship issues that can pop up around the holidays... 1. Holiday spending. Especially if you're not honest about it, or you go way overbudget. Between presents, plane tickets, parties, and decorations, it's an expensive time of year. So make a budget together, and try to stick to...
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Viral Video: The Surface Of A Comet

Some guy took 25 minutes worth of photos that were shot on the surface of a comet, and turned them into a one-second GIF. It looks like there's a snowstorm, but those are dust particles and cosmic rays. The pics were taken by the Rosetta space probe when it was on Comet 67P back in 2016. #ROSETTA...
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