Drinking Milk Straight From The Carton

A new survey of 12,000 adults found a QUARTER of us drink milk STRAIGHT from the carton. And most people who drink straight from the carton do it a lot. 6% said every day . . . 7% said a few times a week . . . 4% said once a week . . . and 8% said less often than that. Men are almost twice as...
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Watch: New "Jeopardy!" Champ Wins 18 Straight

Math teacher Jason Zuffranieri won his 18th game of "Jeopardy!" last night. He's won $502,096, and is only the third contestant to ever surpass $500K in regular, non-tournament play. Video of Jason's 18th Win! | JEOPARDY!
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We're Doing It Again! "Gloria" is Back on Y98 For 24 Hours Straight

Since the St. Louis Blues won't stop winning, we won't stop playing "Gloria!" Our boys have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals thanks to last night's Game 6 victory over the San Jose Sharks. So just like after the Blues beat the Dallas Stars, we're playing the Laura Branigan song, which had become...
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