Watch: Thieves Stopped By Employees With Swords

Security video from inside a jewelry store in Canada caught four robbers smashing the front windows then getting chased away by workers with swords inside the store. Video of Attempt Robbery in Mississauga
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Watch: Driver Avoids Stopped Car In the Middle Of Freeway

There's dashcam video of a driver coming within inches of hitting a STOPPED CAR that's sitting in the fast lane of a freeway in France. But the car isn't stalled. The driver stopped to look at a map, and then it pulls away as if nothing happened. Video of Driver stops in the fast lane to check...
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Watch: Running Criminal Stopped By Parking Lot Gate

Security cam in Australia filmed some idiot getting karmic payback when he attempted to run THROUGH a parking lot gate. But the gate was spring-loaded in the middle, so it bounced right back and knocked him on his backside.
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