"Discontinued" Fast Food Items That Still Exist

There's plenty of discontinued fast food items that we wish could come back. If you're willing to look, though, there's quite a few that you can actually still enjoy today like... Popeyes' Onion Rings... New Orleans Chick-fil-A's Spicy Chicken Biscuit... Champaign, Springfield, Decatur, and Chicago...
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Look: Bob Barker Still Takes Out His Own Recycling

At 94, you would think that former "The Price Is Right" host Bob Barker could get someone else to take out his recycling... NOPE! ( Click Here to see more.
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How "Roseanne" Explained That Dan Was Still Alive

On "Roseanne" last night, Dan's "death" was explained away as just part of a book Roseanne wrote about her family . . . a book that apparently never sold. Here's the original "Roseanne" finale where you find out that Dan is DEAD... In the book she is writing. Video of S9 Ep24 FINALE - Into That...
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Photo: Henry Cavill Proves He's Still Alive

Superman is still alive! Henry Cavill would like you to know that he did not die on Saturday as rumored... When you learn that you died 2 days ago.... A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on
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