Tricks For Remembering Someone's Name

65% of people in a recent survey said that if they forgot someone's name, they'd just avoid using it. Only 25% would ask them to repeat it. So how do you prevent forgetting it in the first place? Here are six tricks for remembering names... Step 1: Focus. Don't let yourself get distracted by...
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Look: Predicting Ages By Looking At Someone

According to a new study, about four out of 10 people say it's, quote, "very difficult" to predict someone's age just by looking at them. And when the study tested them on celebrities, they weren't lying. Like: Two-thirds of people thought Johnny Depp was under 50, when he's 55 . . . A post shared...
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Look: Receipt Has Instructions For Cook To "Spit" In Burger

A guy in New York went out for dinner with his family on Father's Day. And when they got their receipt, it included a note from the waitress telling the cook to SPIT in his burger. Unfortunately, he'd already eaten it. EXCLUSIVE: On a scorching hot summer night, what’s better than a cold brew? Pair...
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