Look: Snickers' Pecan Bar

Snickers is selling a limited-edition PECAN bar online, but it's selling out quickly... -- SOLD OUT -- Hurry! Limited Edition Snickers Pecan available to order right now- as of this writing around 3000 left. $30 for 15 bars and free shipping. Head over to ----‍♀️----‍♂️ Mmmm......
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Snickers Will Give Away 1 Million Candy Bars if the Date of Halloween is Changed

( WDZH ) -- This isn’t a trick — Snickers has pledged to give away 1 million candy bars if the official date of Halloween is changed to the last Saturday in October. A petition to change the date of Halloween has picked up over 100,000 signatures. This week, it also earned the support of some of...
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Look: Snickers Supports Halloween Date Change

Snickers is getting behind the movement to change Halloween to the last Saturday in October rather than have it always on the 31st, and they say they'll give out one million Snickers bars if it happens. A Thursday Halloween? Not Satisfying. Halloween on the last Saturday of October? Satisfying. If...
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Look: Twix And Snickers Chocolate Milks

Twix and Snickers-flavored chocolate milk just hit stores. Twix and Snickers-flavored chocolate milk is here to make you feel like a kid again — KMBC (@kmbc) May 16, 2019
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This internship is paid AND offers a year's worth of candy

CHICAGO (KYKY) — Got a sweet tooth? Make money off of it! Mars Wrigley Confectionery is hiring a summer intern who will not only receive monetary compensation, but also a year’s worth of candy! Applicants must be at least 21 years old, but “possess the mindset of a kid in a candy store.” In...
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Watch: Elton John's New Snickers Commercial

Elton John has a hard time rapping in this British Snickers commercial. Video of Snickers Rap Battle - 60 Second Ad
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