Watch: Schnucks Has Their Own Line Of Ice Cream And Salty Snacks

I was so excited to meet with Zach from Schnucks to talk about the exciting things Schuncks has been working on and some stuff still to come! First, they have their own line of ice cream! Their ice cream supplier, like Schnucks, is a family owned company that has been making ice cream for 100 years...
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Jill Mom Tips

Watch: Back To School Tips For Breakfast, Lunch And Snacks

It was so fun to team up with my friend, Trish Gazall with 102.5 KEZK, for this Back To School video with Schnucks! Video of Schnucks Trish, Jill no Henry Final It's Back To School time and you can have some fun with recipes and ideas from Schnucks. Here's one recipe: Rainbow Bento Box INGREDIENTS...
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The Most Underrated Snacks Of All Time

Thrillist ranked the most underrated SNACKS of all time. Let's see if you agree with their picks... 1. Nutty Buddy. (They used to be known as Nutty Bars.) They're sort of a cross between a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and a Kit-Kat bar. 2. Ding Dongs. Ho Hos get most of the Hostess love but Ding Dongs...
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