Sleep Compatibility

Three out of five people say they'd break off a new relationship if the person wasn't "sleep compatible" with them.
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Sleeping Baby

Listen: Music Of The Driving Sounds That Put Babies To Sleep

Scientists have created music to simulate the DRIVING SOUNDS that put babies to sleep.
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Why Some Married Couples Are Sleeping in Separate Beds

For many people who are married, going to bed means sharing a bed with your spouse. In a different case, experts have reported that some couples would prefer separate beds to get better sleep and help marital problems. According to 2017 National Sleep Foundation survey, almost one in four married...
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Sleep Myths We Still Believe

A new survey on sleep myths found 1 in 5 Americans think the 'eight spiders a year' thing really does happen. Here are the top five sleep myths we still believe... Myth #1: Drinking alcohol before bed helps you sleep. 32% believe it, but it's not true. It might knock you out. But alcohol messes...
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What We Worry About That Makes Us Lose Sleep

A new survey found the top things that we worry about that makes us lose sleep... 1. Money, 32%. 2. Relationship problems, 20%. 3. Work problems, 15%. 4. Fear of missing out and other social life problems, 4%. Click Here to see more.
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Look: Sleep & Glow's "Pillow Bra"

A company is selling a "pillow bra" that you wear at night to help you fight cleavage wrinkles. The reaction to the pillow on social media hasn't been kind, but if you want it, it's on sale for $69. ( Click Here to see more.
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Look: Man Stands For Hours On Plane So Wife Can Sleep

There's a photo going viral of a husband who apparently spent SIX HOURS standing on a flight so his wife could lie down across the row to sleep. This guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love. — Courtney Lee Johnson (@courtneylj_) September...
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The Signs Of A Bad Night's Sleep

The average person only gets seven really good nights of sleep every month, according to a new survey. We spend an average of five hours every day feeling tired and drop an average of $52-a-month on coffee and energy drinks to try to wake up. We're also LATE to work five times a month because of...
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Watch: Asleep At The Wheel

This seems to be happening more and more now. Someone near L.A. got footage of a guy speeding down the highway ASLEEP behind the wheel of his Tesla on auto-pilot.
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Sleep Positions

Do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach? And is one position better than others? A new poll looked into which position works best, and people who sleep on their back fall asleep the FASTEST. But side sleepers get the MOST sleep. Here's what they found out about each position... 1. "Back...
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