Look: Parked In Cart Return

Someone in Argentina parked in the area where a grocery store usually puts shopping carts, so the employees boxed in the car with tons of carts. Argentina supermarket employees prank 'moron' who parked car in shopping cart section — FOX 32 News (@...
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What We'll Spend And Tips To Save On Back-To-School Shopping

According to a new study, the average parents will spend $507 on back-to-school shopping this year. That's up $42 from last year. And because of the cost, about half of parents say they're worried about back-to-school shopping this year. Click Here to see more. Here are four tips to help you SAVE...
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The Stress Of Back-To-School Shopping

A new survey asked people which is more stressful: Holiday shopping or back-to-school shopping? And believe it or not, more than one-third of people said it's back-to-school shopping. And there's more... 1. 26% of people say they expect they'll take on some debt for back-to-school shopping this...
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The Meadows

The Meadows At Lake St. Louis Is Looking For The Next Big Thing In Retail

RetailNEXT is searching for The Next Big Thing in Retail presented by an existing brick & mortar retailer, online retailer, or start-up currently in business. The winner will get free rent up to one year along with the support of several high profile judges & mentors (e.g. Shark Tank), mall...
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school supplies

TEACHERS: Save on school supplies at Target with this exclusive deal

(KYKY) — Target is offering teachers a discount to get ready for going back to school. For one week, July 13-20, educators can save 15% on select classroom supplies and men’s & women’s apparel. To access the coupon, teachers must enter their identification information to be verified. Those...
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May’s Place Finds New Home In The Grove

May’s Place, the go-to retailer for unique, quality, fashion-forward vintage in St. Louis, is opening its doors to a new location in The Grove. “We are thrilled to be part of such a vibrant, progressive neighborhood that changes by the day.” says Katie May, owner and proprietor of May’s Place with...
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Jill Devine Schnucks

WATCH: Jill Devine Shows You Some Tricks In The Schnucks App

Being a working mom, I need all the help I can get and Schnucks has come to my rescue! Their new Schnucks Rewards App makes life so much easier because inside the app you can create your shopping list wherever you are PLUS, you can share it with family members and they can add items they need. When...
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Drunk Shopping And Eating Habits

Two new studies on our drunken shopping habits just came out. One looked at ALL the stuff we buy, and the other one focused on food. Here are seven stats on how we shop and eat when we're drunk... 1. 26% of us admit to buying stuff we wouldn't, just because we've been drinking. That's actually way...
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Get Your Bargain On! Marshalls Is Opening An Online Store

Skip the yard sale this summer, because Marshalls is going to give you the best bargain yet! Starting sometime this year, (actual launch date is still TBD) but Marshalls will have an online store. According to Bustle , the retail store has learned quite a bit from their sister store TJ Maxx. What...
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Vineyard Vines Collection Will Now Be Sold at Target

Whale, this is good news! The iconic Vineyard Vines clothing retail company is headed to Target stores starting May 18th! According to People, a limited-edition collection will be designed for the “ultimate summer gathering, where everyone’s invited.” You will be able to find apparel and...
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