Sears, Once America's Largest Retailer, Files For Bankruptcy

Sears, the retail giant that changed how America shopped when it opened for business 132 years ago, has filed for bankruptcy. CNN reports that after years of struggling, Sears Holdings (which owns both Sears and KMart stores) finally filed for bankruptcy in New York early Monday--the same day a $...
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Reasons to Start Holiday Shopping Now

Here are four reasons you might want to follow her lead, and start shopping NOW... 1. Shorter lines and less chaos. Instead of dealing with crowds, you just have to wrap your gifts . . . watch some football . . . and EAT your way through the holidays. So your stress levels aren't through the roof...
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Little Peek Boutique

Watch: Little Peek Boutique Is An Avenue To Help Expecting Families Get More Out Of Their Pregnancy

If you're expecting or know someone who is, they have to check out Little Peek Boutique in O'Fallon, Illinois! Here's what they're all about: Our Ultrasound Studio offers elective state of the art Virtual HD ultrasound sessions in a personalized, non medical setting that's ideal for such a special...
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money allowance

Three Things You Can Save Money On In September

If you blew all your money on your kids' back-to-school budget, here are three things you should be able to save some money on in September. 1. Mattresses. They're always a popular sale item for Labor Day, along with other furniture and appliances. 2. iPhones. Apple reportedly plans to announce...
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Best Labor Day Deals According To WalletHub

With summer winding down and back-to-school season in full swing, WalletHub released two reports to celebrate the holiday weekend. WalletHub’s Best Labor Day Deals & Sales report gives shoppers a roadmap to savings. Its Labor Day Fun Facts report helps to educate and entertain consumers with...
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Jill at the PGA

Shopping At The 100th PGA Championship At Bellerive Country Club

If you’re heading to the 100th PGA Championship this week/weekend, you HAVE to check out The Championship Shops. Besides all of the great options they have to offer, it’s also air-conditioned so you can take a break from the warm temps :). Before I show you what I bought, here’s a fun fact: Hats...
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Tips For Smart Back-To-School Shopping

It's August, which means it's time to start thinking about back-to-school shopping. So if you've got kids, here are five tips to save you some money... 1. Shop on tax-free holidays. Fourteen states are having sales tax holidays this month, where you can purchase certain back-to-school items without...
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Back To School

In Time For Back To School - No Tax Weekend

As I was scrolling through Twitter and came across this: Mark your calendars for the annual back-to-school sales tax holiday starting on Friday, August 3 and running through Sunday, August 5. Certain purchases such as school supplies, computers and clothing will be state tax free and possibly local...
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check out line

Here Are the Top Five Strategies People Use to Cut in Line

There aren't many things in day-to-day life that make people angrier than someone CUTTING in a line. But people keep doing it anyway. A new survey found more than one in four people admit to cutting in lines. And here are the five most common STRATEGIES they use to try to get away with it . . . 1...
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Look: Yawning Thief Steals Red Bull

Well this is a logical crime... A guy in Wisconsin who couldn't stop YAWNING went to a grocery store earlier this month and stole a shopping cart full of RED BULL. The police are trying to track him down. ( Click Here to see more.
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